How To Get Back To A Good Place
(100% of the time) After Any Conflict Or Communication Breakdown

Even If You Have A Resistant Partner...

In this two-day workshop you will discover:

  • The 2 Biggest threats in high-stakes relationships 
  • ​The 3 biggest roadblocks to reconnection
  • ​The 2nd most important communication skill
  • ​Ways to build courage and speak your truth (especially for the conflict avoiders)
  • And so much more! 
Plus, a surprise bonus for registering, Q&A with Jayson, lifetime access to the workshop recording, a downloadable, step-by-step integration roadmap, and an action plan for your next steps.
Meet Your Host
Jayson Gaddis, author, podcaster, speaker, and ‘personal trainer for relationships’ is a global leader on interpersonal conflict and connection. He got tired of complaining that street-level relationship skills are not taught in school, so he founded The Relationship School, an impact-based company dedicated to helping individuals, couples and teams work out their differences in order to have indestructible relationships. He is the creator of Interpersonal Intelligence® and Present Centered Relationship Coaching® and The Getting To Zero Method™. He’s been married to his amazing wife since 2007 and has two beautiful kids. They live in Boulder, Colorado. When he doesn’t live and breathe this relationship stuff with his family, he pretty much gets his ass handed to him.
Jayson is an outstanding human and incredible visionary in the relationship space. I love what he’s doing with the relationship school. He and his wife Ellen live, breathe, and walk what they teach. They are the real deal.”
Stan Tatkin, Founder of the PACT Training Institute and the developer of PACT—A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy
“Jayson Gaddis is a next-generation leader in the relationship space. His brilliant, Smart Couples podcast and Relationship School are transforming the way we love, around the globe. Jayson is a true visionary with a unique voice that is not to be missed!”
Terri Cole, New York-based licensed psychotherapist, relationship expert, and founder of Terri Cole’s Real Love Revolution™️ & Terri Cole’s Boundary Bootcamp™️
“Jayson Gaddis understands something we were never taught- that relational challenges are not a sign of failure but an opportunity for growth. No need to run away from each other when the shit hits the fan- be each other’s portal to awakening.” 
Jeff Brown, Author of An Uncommon Bond
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How To Get Back To A Good Place (100% of the time)
 After Any Conflict Or Communication Breakdown 
Even if you have a resistant partner...

(240 minutes – prerecorded)

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